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   Fujian King Brand New Materials Co., Ltd. is a specialty enterprise which is engaging in the production and the sales of epoxy hardeners. It was invested from Japan and founded in 2006,Our company’s products for protective coatings and adhesives market help coating and adhesive manufactures realize competitive advantage with improved performance, enhanced appearance and adhesive properties, as well as greater ease of application combined with the environmental benefits of waterborne/solvent-free system technologies. 
     Further maintains along with the domestic economic build-up continues fast to develop, the epoxy resin profession welcomed a gold development phase. Depended on the China market demand and combined the various structures of products with the development direction of domestic and foreign hardeners, our company is mainly going into operation of modified amine and polyamide series, especially is the “green” environmentally-friendly products appropriate to the development of epoxy resins and mutually promoted. Meanwhile according to the market competition and the development strategy in a long term, our company further to add new projects consist of polyamide hot-melts, accessory products for waterborne epoxy coatings and adhesives in 2011. New production plant will be situated at a location area more than 20,000m2 on Yuan Hong Investment Zone, Fuzhou, Fujian, China, and its total investment is $6,000,000 dollars. Fully employs domestic talented people and utilizes domestic raw material resources to achieve a suitable performance/price ratio and a cost-effectivility balance. Unceasingly enhances R&D-production-application-administration management system, both market development and technical service of epoxy hardeners and its accessory products etc. to meet the various needs of our customers greatly. Raises a capable, high skilled science & technology service troop, establishes an attractive nterprise leading high technologies in the world to take our goal.