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        Kingcoat Waterborne Epoxy Floor Coatings

             As a Japanese enterprise of manufacturing specialty chemicals and new materials, Fujian King Brand New Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on creating advanced technological solutions. Our company?s products for protective coatings market help coatings manufactures realize competitive advantage with improved performance, enhanced appearance and greater ease of application combined with the environmental benefits of waterborne/solvent-free system technologies. And we provide consistent, rapid and responsive service to help customers identify and profit from emerging opportunities.
             Kingcoat is a new generation epoxy coating system developed by Fujian King Brand New Materials Co., Ltd.. This system is utilized by our own recent advances in resin technology to achieve a remarkably durable finish quickly, easily and economically. The zero VOC, odorless formula produces a nontoxic finish without polluting the environment or endangering your health. Kingcoat features waterborne/solvent-free epoxy technology chemistry, which intended as an industrial/commercial floor coating, it is well liked by consumers and DIY-er?s for its unusual combination of ease of application and the high level of durability it provides. It provides high adhesion with excellent build hardness and a high level of chemical resistance. The abrasion and mar resistant finish will not lift to hot tires, and has good mechanical properties. Kingcoat may be applied as a colored or clear coat used with or without aggregates.
             Environmental protection is a key issue in our society. The desire of many consumers for toxin-free products, and the strict regulations now in place, mean that chemical manufactures are constantly faced with the challenge of creating ever more environmentally friendly substitutes. With its Kingcoat range, Fujian King Brand Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is able to offer solutions that point the way forward.
             Kingcoat waterborne epoxy coating system enables manufactures to comply with the governmental directive on solvent emission regulations. And it is formulated by using water as solvent to provide the environmental advantages of their reduced VOC content, also deliver a range of other practical benefits by virtue of their solvent-free formulation:
        -   Non-flammable/non-explosive
        -   Low free-amine content, significantly reducing the health risk to production workers and craftsmen
        -   Equipment can be cleaned with water instead of the solvent required in the case of conventional coating systems
        -   Can be thinned with water
        -   Can be applied directly to wet concrete
        -   Highly water breathable

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