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        High-Performance, Environmentally-Friendly Kingcoat Waterborne Polyurethane Floor Coatings
        2015-06-09    Source:    Hit:2784次
             After developing Kingcoat waterborne epoxy and acrylic floor coatings, Fujian King Brand Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. continues to invest in research and development of waterborne polyurethane floor coatings. As a new generation waterborne polyurethane floor coating system, Kingcoat PU-1700WB and Kingcoat PU-2400WB that are high-performance, environmentally-friendly products, and are made respectively by a one-component of the modified polyurethane dispersion and a two-component of the hydroxyl acrylic dispersion/water dispersible isocyanate hardener. They can achieve the high-quality requirements necessary for a variety of applications, and also feature ultra-low VOC content that meets stringent regulations. Our waterborne polyurethane floor coatings can be used to offer low-odor, extremely durability and attractive appearance for the indoor/outdoor areas of commercial, industrial, decorative and sports floors etc. These products offer superior chemical and physical stability as well as optical performance, especially are our two-component waterborne polyurethane coating comparable with conventional solvent-based products. We are collaborating closely with our customers and their value chain, to improve existing products and develop new resin materials that address current needs and anticipate future challenges, and can provide numerous tailor-made waterborne system solutions for our customers.